How to Get Perfect Eyebrows in 4 Steps

how to get perfect eyebrows - makeup tutorial videos
Tips to getting perfect eyebrows done

How to Get perfect eyebrows is what you’ll learn in this makeup tutorial video from TheChicNatural. Watch it and get your perfect eyebrow fix. Special step by step makeup video for beginners and for dark skinned women.


These are the products she uses

nyx proof it eyebrow powder
RK go brow pencil in light medium brown
mac studio finish concealer
MAC studio fix fluid foundation
ELF smudge brush

Step 1: Brush your brows – How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

The first step to getting perfect eyebrows is to brush your eyebrows. You need to do this to know what sections need to be filled. Start from the inner part of your browline to the outer part.


Step 2: Shade it

Shade the underneath of your brows gently and slowly. Take special care of those gaps and sparse areas.

Step 3: Make it Full

You need a brow pen for this. Draw tiny hairs near your nose and at the outer end of the brow. Those perfect eyebrows are coming into view now.


Step 4: Gel it up

For this eyebrow step you want to apply gel by combing it up and showing those hairs. Way to go girl!

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