6 Hazel Eyes Makeup Tips

Hazel Eyes Makeup Tips - Makeup Video Tutorial
Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes
Hazel Eyes Makeup Tips - Makeup Video Tutorial
Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Get the best hazel eyes makeup tips by Anna Adams. Watch this video on how to apply makeup for hazel eyes. It is a very simple makeup video for beginners to follow.

Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Do Colour Experiments

If you have hazel eyes, one of the best makeup tips for you is to experiment with colorus. There are many shades of makeup colour so why not try out something new? Below we list some colours that will make your hazel eyes pop.

1. Brown Shades

Get some brown eyeshadow shades on your eyes to bring out the perfect brown hue. From light brown to dark brown, you’re sure to get that dramatic deep look


2. Dramatic Lavender or Plum

Get more dramatic with the lavender eyeshadow and plum shades. This range of colours goes well with a black dress. This is one of the makeup tips for hazel eyes you should take to heart.

3. Colours for The Green Eyed

If you have green hazel eyes, try out beige eyeshadow and caramel eyeshadow. Just watch how those greens in your eyes will be in the limelight. Try mixing a beige eyeliner with a caramel eyeshadow or vice versa and see what you got!


4. Avoid Excess Blue-hued Eyeshadows

An important makeup tip for hazel eyes women is to avoid using a lot of blue shaded eyeshadows. Navy blue, baby blue and even sky blue may look good but you don’t want them too much on your eyes. This is important for those who have more brown or green in their eye colour.

Hazel Eyes Makeup Tips

5. Is Pink for Romance?

To soften those hazel eyes and make them look smooth and lovely like a baby’s, get out those soft pink eyeshadow and pink eyeliners.

6. Gold Colours

If your hazel eyes has gold or green flecks, you want some gold to accentuate them. Add a little bit of gold and get those eyes looking beautiful.

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