5 Eyeshadow Tips – Eyeshadow Dos and Donts

Eyeshadow Tips - How to Apply Eyeshadow
Eyeshadow Tips – How to Apply Eyeshadow

Here are some eyeshadow tips in this makeup video tutorial. Learn the perfect way to apply eyeshadow makeup on your eyes in this eyeshadow do’s and dont’s video by professional makeup artist. It is a simple makeup video to watch for beginners. Watch more eye makeup tutorials here

What is Eyeshadow? – Eyeshadow tips

Eyeshadow is a makeup product used to enhance the eyes. It can be used to shade eyes or make them lighter and brighter – depending on what colour and shade of eyeshadow is used. Eyeshadows come in several forms. They can be powdered, liquid or cream. Now let’s get started with those eyeshadow tips shall we.

1. The first thing is to prime your eyes by adding primer, foundation and concealer. So it can look blank. You have to apply an eyeshadow base so the eyeshadow can stick and be pigmented. Get more makeup videos for beginners.

2. To blend eyeshadow nicely, you have to use a dense brush so it looks even. Sometimes, you can use a fluffy brush. More makeup tips coming up.

3. Circular motions are the best to use to blend eyeshadow in – remember. Remember to dust off eyeshadow when you dab your brush in them.

4. She uses a crease eyeshadow brush and keeps packing colour until she gets the perfect look. The crease brush is perfect for dark colours.


5. You should apply eyeshadow from the inner of your eye to the outer parts to give a beautiful winged look. The basic structure should be dark for the top, medium for the middle and light for the bottom of your eye. Remember to read these eyeshadow tips again and share with your friends.

Now that you’ve learnt eyeshadow tips, you should go on to watch more makeup videos.