Tips for Applying Eyeshadow

tips for applying eyeshadow
Makeup Tutorial Video containing Tips on Applying Eyeshadow Correctly
tips for applying eyeshadow
Makeup Tutorial Video containing Tips on Applying Eyeshadow Correctly

Applying eyeshadow isn’t complex. This video contains tips for applying eyeshadow. Watch and learn the simple steps to create beautiful eyeshadow designs. You too can master makeup application like a professional.

Tips for Applying Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow Design


The idea behind eyeshadow design is to contour and blend shade in to display a progression of colours from light to dark. These are the keys to always remember

*Lighter colours will bring out and make shallow regions of your eyes pop
*Darker colours will reduce the prominent regions of your eyes
*Small amount of shade is needed on your brush because removing eyeshadow can be hard work. Take it gentle and little by little.

Tips on Applying Eyeshadow


When to use Eyeshadow

We recommend you get your eye made up first before you apply foundation to the rest of your face. This lets you remove flaked eyeshadow on the area under your eyes. Prepare your eyes with concealer or foundation and use some powder to set it.

Tips on Eyeshadow Brushes

*You need to find the right area of your eyes to apply your eyeshadow brush. To do this, look straight into a miror and find the point of your eyebrow which is the highest. After that, follow through a straight line that goes down to your eye’s crease.
*Next, place the brush into the crease right on that line and blend the shadow in an outward direction. From the crease all the way to where your brow bone starts.
*The next step on tips on applying eyeshadow is to move inwards like a windshield wiper. Move into the crease and right along the edge of your brow.


More Tips for Applying Eyeshadow

*Use at least two eyeshadow brushes for your eye makeup application. Except you’re applying just one eyeshadow colour.
*Only add shine on the brow bone. There are a lot of powder eyeshadow that are perfect to highlight your brow bone.

Now that you’re done, share these tips with your friends and watch more simple makeup videos.