How to Apply Makeup

How to Apply Makeup - Beginner Video
How to Apply Makeup – Beginner Video

This is a step by step makeup video tutorial on How to Apply makeup. Watch the video for the full guide and read the article for the first few steps in applying makeup. Ways and how teaches the best steps for applying makeup. This simple makeup video is perfect for beginners.

Steps on How To Apply Makeup

1. Clean Old Makeup

The first step is to clean your face of any old makeup. You can wash your face with soap and water or use a very good makeup remover. This will make your face fresh and clean and prevent your skin pores from blocking.

2. Concealer time

Second step is to apply concealer. It’s important to blend in your concealer properly to cover up initial blemishes and spots on your skin. Remember this is how to apply makeup and it’s simple. Just keep following these steps

3. Foundation is very important

All types of foundation – liquid, cream and powder can be used in this step. You use a foundation brush and apply your foundation all around your face down to your neck. If you’ve got liquid foundation and no foundation brush, apply the makeup using your fingertips. You’ll look great.

4. Let those highlights pop

Applying makeup properly includes getting your highlighting right. Your face would look very plain and flat from the last step so you need to highlight your cheeks and eyes – any areas of your face that are hollow or deep.

5. Applying Contour on Face

. Watch highlighting videos.
The next step is to blend in contours. For any area on your face that you don’t want to pop, you apply contours. Identify them and rub the contouring powder in. Watch contouring videos

6. Blushes are important

Your face might look weird while applying makeup at this point. You need to now apply the blush. You would naturally have a blush on your cheeks but you might need to include more colour. Blushes should be minimal and simple.

7. Brow the brows

If your eyebrows are sparse and not full, you need to fill them in. What you do is pickout the brow pencil colour which matches yours and outline the edges. After that, fill the center with a different colour. Do this in short, simple strokes. Get more eye makeup videos.

For more, keep watching the video above and in no time you’ll be a makeup expert. If you liked this how to apply makeup video, please share it with your friends and subscribe to our newsletter.