Smokey Eye Tutorial Step By Step

smokey eye tutorial step by step
Makeup Tutorial Videos - Smokey Eye Makeup
smokey eye tutorial step by step
Makeup Tutorial Videos – Smokey Eye Makeup

This is a video of smokey eye tutorial step by step from a professional makeup artist. She created this makeup video for beginners and it is a simple makeup video to follow and learn from. We also give you a few makeup tips in this post.

Step 1 of Smokey Eye Tutorial Step by Step: Primer

You don’t want a smokey eye that smears all over your face and settles into your skin before you head out. That is the worst thing possibly imagineable. Blend primer over your lids and under your eyes to make sure that your makeup stays intact.

Step 2: Apply primer

Dark circles around your eyes will make your smokey eye look just sad. Use a creamy concealer under your eye with either a brush or your middle finger. Professional makeup artists apply translucent powder on the under eye right after applying the concealer. The powder is going to trap loose particles from eyeshadow. When you’re done, swipe the powder off gently with tissue.

Step 3: Eyelashes

Eyelashes that curl perfectly and let you wink as you want to hot boys are compulsory for the smokey eye makeup effect. Get an eyelash curler and gently clamp it down at the base of your lashes. Hold it still for about five seconds, then release.

If you want a more glamourous effect, allow the curler receive heat from a blowdryer before you curl your eyelashes.

Step 4: The Dark Eyeshadow

Line up your dark eyeshadow palette and blend the shade in from your lashes to your crease. Then with an angled brush, drag the eyeshadow across your lower lash lines. Your smokey eye can be any shade you want. Black can get boring. Switch it up ladies!


Step 5: Getting the perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Smudge

A perfect smokey eye should be free from harsh lines. It has to be slightly and perfectly blended at the edges. Get a Q-tip or a smudge brush and lightly smudge your eyeshadow along the bottom lashes and at the crease.

Step 6: Eyeliner Up

Your colours are getting in place and your eye is starting to look defined. Define it more with a creamy black eye pencil. To upgrade and get this look, drag it along the top and bottom eyelash lines. Ensure you can’t see any skin in-between the line and the eyelashes.


Step 7: Highlighting the Smokey Eye

Remember this is a smokey eye tutorial step by step. We’re almost done now. The highlighter will make your eye look open and brighten it. Apply and blend in a shimmery highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and across your brow bones. For fair to medium skin ladies, use a pearl hue. For dark skin ladies, apply a champagne shade.


Step 8: The Mascara Effect

Your Smokey Eye is incomplete without the mascara. Mascara makes it lush and hottttt. We recommend a fiber-infused mascara. This creates an illusion of more volume and length for your eyelashes.